Fearful Ends Core Set

Fearful Ends Core Set


The Fearful Ends horror roleplaying game core set includes the rulebook and mental and physical stress cards – everything you need for your descent into existential tragedy!

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Are you ready to explore the darkest corners of your imagination? Fearful Ends is a rules-light, story-centric roleplaying system designed to deliver heart-pounding horror experiences. It’s a game that doesn’t just focus on the external monsters that lurk in the shadows, but also on the internal struggles and emotional turmoil that come with facing the unknown.

Prepare to dive into nihilistic narratives and delight in the inevitable doom of your characters. Fearful Ends places each character at the heart of impossible horrors, pushing them towards complete emotional collapse. It includes unique mechanics that empower players to craft their personal story arcs and delight in their individual breakdowns while still maintaining a safe play environment that neither stigmatizes nor sensationalizes mental illness.

Mental Stress Cards

Fearful Ends includes a unique take on tracking and roleplaying the effects of mental stress. Mental Stress cards give players control over the direction and pacing of their characters’ mental collapse.

Easy to read roleplay prompts use plain language and avoid clinical terms to guide players to behave in ways any individual would react to severe mental stress. These cards allow your players to react to the disturbing supernatural events of your game without falling into the trap of cliché.

Giving each player a satisfying story arc for their character can be a difficult task for any GM to monitor, especially with a full table of players. Putting this power into the player’s hand distributes the load and ensures each individual character will meet a satisfying, though likely unpleasant end. One player may even find a way to maintain their grip on reality and make it through the game unscathed, though it will take a great deal of luck and skill to pull that off in a game of Fearful Ends.


Crafting narratives that delve into the darkest corners of the human psyche while maintaining a safe and inclusive play environment is no easy task. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile by engaging sensitivity readers who are experts in mental health and emotional well-being. These dedicated individuals have meticulously combed through every aspect of our system to ensure that characters’ experiences of mental and emotional collapse are portrayed with empathy and understanding.

Print Edition

This is a physical print copy of the Fearful Ends core set. It includes a soft cover print copy of the core rulebook, and a 54 card deck of mental and physical stress cards.

You will also receive a free copy of the PDF core rule book and a print-and-play PDF of both decks of cards as digital downloads. The cards can be easily printed using standard 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock on a home printer.

To purchase the digital version only, see the Fearful Ends Digital Core Set (PDF).

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